Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Live Below the Line (April 29 - May 3)

As an act of solidarity alongside the 1.4 billion people around the world who survive on less than $1.50 per day, Kristen and I are currently participating in Live Below the Line to demonstrate the consequences of extreme poverty. In specifics, over the course of this week (Monday, April 29 – Friday, May 3), we will eat and drink on less than $1.50 per day (per person) for the purpose of raising awareness and sparking committed action.

In order to move forward in this important struggle, I humbly ask for your financial support, as your generosity – regardless of the amount – will make an immense and immediate difference toward relief, development, and advocacy, all of which promotes sustainable life in its fullness.

For more information on Live Below The Line, as well as the charity that I have chosen to support (The Eastern Congo Initiative), see my Live Below The Line profile page at:

In addition, please feel free to read the reflection below (, which I wrote at the onset of this experience.

All together, I appreciate your attention and consideration, and I pray that God will make us content with nothing less than a world that is transformed into the shape of live, where poverty shall be no more.

In sanctuary, solidarity, and struggle…