Thursday, April 6, 2006

April 6, 2006 - peru

hello all!
we made it safely to peru, albeit after quite a bit of time
in getting here. we had quite the travels through trinidad
and caracas, venezuela. but, all was safe and smooth and we
arrived in lima, peru last night. we are staying at a cute
hostel in the san isidro area and spent the day exploring
the city. we found so many neat things and it is quite the
haven of activity. sort of european/latino flavor. pretty
much walked the entire day from about 9 unitl 5 stopping
here and there, taking in some parks, cathedrals, down the
cliffs to the beach where the surf was enormous (complete
with surfers) and black sand. the temperature is really
comfortable and we actually didn't sweat just standing
still. spent some time in the main markets and cafe's and
they are amazing. there are an unbelievable amount of
gorgeous textiles, jewelry, pots, ceramics, paintings and
it goes on and on. it would be amazing to decorate a home
with the decor. my friend kristi comes in tonight and we
will probrably let her get her bearings about her tomorrow
and then we are thinking about heading right to the cusco
area near machu pichou. we may even fly as the buses are
extremely challenging and long. we will then use the old
train rails that still operate in the southeastern part of
the country (the only ones still doing so) and spend a good
deal of time there. just kind of going with the flow and
planning one day at a time. nice, relaxing, beautiful,
amazing! i can't help but wish you all could see what these
eyes are so fortunate to see. more to come as we head into
the Andes.
we should have pretty reliable internet along the way, so i
will try to keep up and fill you all in.
all my best,