Saturday, January 7, 2006

Jan. 7, 2006

The new year has now begun and with it has come quite the
event. I was able to go to the island of St.Lucia in the
Lesser Antilles eastern Carribean for a week with my
parents, younger brother and also my boyfriend Brian. It
was all the Carribean island life is said to be. It was
filled with beautiful blue waters, warm tropical breezes,
rainforest flowers and even hot springs from the islands
volconoes. Each night always brought a moonlit, starfilled,
beach stroll as we looked out upon the Bay filled with
rolling waves, boats of all sizes and ocean as far as the
eyes could see. Walking down the beach each night we found
our pant legs rolled up, sandals in hand and pleasant and
warm conversation as the waves lapped at our toes. One
picturesque evening Brian and I couldn't resist the calling
of the beach and the sound of the waves and went back out
to the beach to sit, look out into the water with our bare
feet tickling the sand and talk of how it was we got to the
place we were at that moment. From two kids growing up in
central Wisconsin, to different states in the US for
schooling and then he and I both ending up not once, but
twice in Guyana together; me with the Peace Corps and him
with Global Missions, it was almost surreal to be sitting
there. We were brought together as a couple once again and
as we reminised about all that had brought us to that
point, he asked me to be his wife and marry him as he
brought a ring out of his pocket and proposed. I accepted,
of course, and am now engaged to be married!!!! We are so
excited and couldn't write the story any better if we
tried. The island of St.Lucia and the Rodney Bay beach with
the sights and sounds filling our eyes and ears will
forever remain an imprint in our hearts....
All my love to you,
Kristen and Brian