Thursday, February 17, 2005

Feb. 17, 2005

Well without further adieu I will jump right into the good
stuff...I am coming home for a visit! Yes, that's right
sports fans, I am coming stateside in just a couple short
weeks. Currently I am scheduled to be into Minneapolis on
the 7th of March. I know it is a Monday and not as ideal as
a weekend, but getting out of this country is quite the
challenge. I will only be able to stay to visit for about 2
weeks as it is the only vacation days I currently have to
use. My tentative plan is to be in the Twin Cities the
7th-13th. I will then head down to see my brother, Justin
in Branson, MO for 3 days and be back into Minneapolis on
Wed. night. I am planning to then head back to Waupaca to
visit family and friends for the weekend where I will also
be giving a presentation at my dad's church services. I
will then be back to Minneapolis after the weekend and am
to fly out on the 22nd. I believe that my brother and
sister-in-law are currently putting a little get together
for sat. evening in the TC's for any of you in the area. It
is a very strange feeling to think about coming home. It
seems that until the day I get on the plane, it will all
not really sink in. I am very excited to share, in person,
the many pictures and stories of my experience up to this
On a different note, 2005 has been a very challenging new
year for many in Guyana. We experienced severe flooding in
the first week of the year and many are still left in chest
high water, and with most of their belongings destroyed.
One problem is that the country really doesn't have the
services to handle a disaster like this and there is really
no insurance and support to speak of. Since this hit, 25 of
our volunteers were evacuated to the neighboring country of
Suriname and are actually scheduled to come back this week
after a hiatus away from their sites. Here in hilly and
sandy Linden, I was one of a very few in the country not
affected except for the excessive rain. Another problem
that this flooding has brought is a disease. With raw
sewage, dead animals and a lot of water combine, the
aftermath can be horrendous. And this is what we are
seeing....their has been outbreaks of a disease called
leptosporosis which has claimed some lives, also dysentery,
cholera, filaria, dengue fever and malaria outbreaks. So,
yes, quite a number of problems. Some areas are still under
water and we are not in the clear, but the country hopes to
be on the mend over the upcoming months.
On an up note of many great projects I currently am
involved in, I am coming home to visit. I hope to see some
of your faces at the airport and others I look forward to
seeing for nice long chats.
Until then, have a wonderful day...hope to see you soon!
love, kristen