Saturday, July 10, 2004

July 10, 2004

Good day to all,
So it has been a fun, but increasingly crazy time here in
Guyana. I am super pumped with the fact that our jail time
is up. Meaning, we couldn't travel during our first 3
months at site and that is now up and we have been on the
go. I have actually been kind of lucky being in Linden in
that I have traveled quite a bit into the interior and the
surrounding areas, unlike others in my group in their
sites. But, last 4th weekend was one crazy fun time that I
will mention more in the upcoming mass email and am now way
up the east coast near the country of
Suriname visiting my
friend Brian as he leaves to go home in 2 weeks. Then, I am
off up to the northwest coast next midweek to see the sea
turtles lay their eggs/some hatching at
Shell Beach and up
to an amerindian community of Maruca. Good times all around
that I am doing mostly on the weekends so I don't have to
take hardly any time off. Amber comes Aug. 5th and is
staying about 3 and a half weeks where we will be
absolutely all over the map hiking, slinging up hammocks,
finding waterfalls, going into the interior, simply seeing
a lot of the beautiful places of
Guyana. It is going to be
a blast!
Starting my 6th month away from home, it is interesting how
each day you make steps in identifying with your community
and building relationships with those whom you serve and
live amongst. Even in the last couple weeks I feel I have
made some more really positive steps in the process. This
whole process is one for which attentiveness to detail, an
open mind and a strong spirit are essential to living in
another culture. I will always be an outsider here, but
even with that in mind, I have to embrace this country as
one in which I am not visiting, but living and thriving.
And believe me, I have to remind myself that more than once
in cautioning my mind into not thinking about comparisons
to how I "really" live or what is normal. Because the truth
is, this is my "normal" now, just as it is for the people
Again, I will send a more in depth email in the near
future, but wanted to inform you that I am doing well, am
excited to travel more and am thinking about you all.
love ya, kris