Wednesday, June 16, 2004

June 16, 2004

So it has been quite the busy and eventful couple of hold on to your hat because here I go...
First I have had this repetitive and ongoing thing with
snakes appearing in my life. As I walked to school one day
all the kids were like, miss, miss, there's an anaconda in
school...well, come to find out it wasn't an anaconda, but
rather a very poisonous 3 foot labaria in the kindergarten
classroom. Yes, school was canceled. Then, this week at our
clinic, as 2 other of staff and I walked down the hall to
the backroom, we saw a labaria slithering around the scale.
Again, clinic canceled. Then, on my way into georgetown
today to get my skin looked at (some rash/fungus/something,
probrably got it from the kids), I saw about 7 guys on the
side of the road wrestle a 15+ foot anaconda out of the
trench and carried it down the road right beside me still
alive. I think they said they were going to curry it
As for adventures, this past weekend was a chance to get
out and see more of the country. We found a new coca cola
colored creek outside of Linden we hiked to where we
decided that making skirts and dresses out of the huge 3-4
foot leaves and holding big warriorlike sticks would be
very peace corps rugged. Yes a few pictures were taken with
one of the girls
digital camera and I hope to get them
out...maybe (they are tasteful indeed, no need to worry
mom/dad). As we were about to leave, what we thought was a
snake in the water (yes, I know) ended up being a huge
waterdog. It certainly got us out of there quick, but in
the end it is only something similar to an otter, so no
Saturday was spent out of town down the road to
Brazil into
the forest where we were in search of a friends
banana/plantain farm. It was a beautiful and peaceful hike
that went on for hours only to have us not ever quite find
the farm amongst the forest. But, the good thing is that we
linked up with our ride out. Now, that is another story. We
came upon an old rickety tractor chained to trees in front,
men standing on the front axel as it did wheelies pulling a
full load of freshly cut timber up an unmarked hill in the
forest. My first thought is wow, that is not safe, but
secondly, I am witnessing deforestation firsthand. How are
you to judge, though, when it is there livelihood at stake.
After slow progress and inching forward, they eventually
made their way out and we hopped on the 15 foot high timber
trailor behind the tractor and headed out.
Sunday, was yet another day of excitement. One of our
friends was on his way to carry fuel down to his workers
down towards
brazil and offered to bring us along. So, off
we went down the bumpy and red dirt covered "road" in the
4X4. After a couple hours time we made our way to the camp
where we loaded a boat and went another hour up the Demara
river to Great Falls. It was such a sight to see, I can
hardly explain. Basically about a half mile of class 4 and
5 rapids filtering down to the river. We hiked all around
the falls amongst the thick, moist and beautiful foliage.
They were so majestic and powerful and we were really lucky
to have the opportunity to have this trip during wet
So, I guess you can say, that yes, I have been quite
entertained as of late. My only hope is that I will be able
to send some pictures if/when I get a
digital camera in the
I hope all is well with everyone, and as promised I am
going to send out my first set of recipes tomorrow as a
separate email as this email is clearly long enough for
computer memory at this point.
love to all, kristen