Saturday, February 7, 2004

Feb. 7,2004


So I made it here safe and sound. Where to start,
really...After spending a couple days in
Miami for some
pre-departure training, I am now in a small village called
Mocha ("Maw-kaw") living with my host family for the 2
month training. So I suppose I should back up a little.
It has been wonderful meeting this group of like-minded
individuals who also committed two+ years of their life to
peace corps service in
Guyana. There are certainly a few
"loud" ones that can keep up with all my Tews inherited
On Wednesday we flew to
Guyana stopping in Barbados which I
guess is a typical stop along the way. Although we arrived
after dark to a reception of PC staff, I already began to
get a feel for the new country I was going to call my home.
Let me say that the very first thing I can stay is that the
people are really as nice as everyone says Guyanese people
are. Always a warm greeting for you and even the comment of
"hey white girl" can be turned into a good afternoon with a
small wave. We spent the first couple of days in the busier
city of Georgetown starting our training and then yesterday
we met with our host parents we would be staying with for 2
months. Our group is split into two small villages outside
Georgetown, Mocha and Grove. Mocha is more afro-guyanese
and Grove is more indo-guyanese in nature. My host parents
are a cute couple that I can really call my host
grandparents who have been married for 47 years! I live in
more of an extended family situation where 2 of their 6
children live in the home with us, one grandchild (my
little buddy Omar) and the oldest son and his 7 or 8 (I
think that's about what I have counted) in the house behind
us. So it's one crazy place. There is no way I can get into
all the details now about the small village now, but the
feel is that this is a community where everyone knows each
other and each others business. They mostly speak Creolese
(which is an islandly sound that is english based) that I
am beginning to understand.

I will continue to give you all more details about my daily
happenings with emails. Keep the emails and
letters/carepackes coming as they will certainly continue
to be a source of strength throughout this process.

Love, kristen